Breaking Away From the Norm

Breaking Away From The Norm

Hmm breaking away. Sounds like a relationship song, but that is where I am in my ever changing ride of being a fashion designer. With crazy deadlines, neurotic personalities, and mind numbing emails day end and day out I can never really understand why anyone, let alone myself loves being in this industry. But there is always gold at the end of the rainbow. A sample that actually comes out right from your overseas factory. A CAD a perspective buyer liked and wants to make for their store. Yah a lot of cool and great things do come from “sticking it out”.

But when do you actually say you are ready to do your own thing? Being a creative, I always want to challenge this god giving gift I have everyday. Staying with one thing is not a part of my DNA. And it shouldn’t be yours either. Believe you can hone in those other artistic aspects of your personality and share them with the world. Here are a few signs when it’s time to reevaluate and to break away.

1. You begin to hate going to work. Yeah, this can be in any field, but especially so for the creative type. I mean at the end of the day we still have financial responsibilities and until you can find a job that you can deal with, please stay there. My biggest tip on dealing with sucky jobs is to pick one thing, there is always one don’t roll your eyes, that you like a bout that job. And go above and beyond. Hell it’s something. And when it is time for you to leave you will feel great about your decision.
2.All you can think about are other things while at work. Okay stop right there! This can piggyback off tip 1. Again, jobs are for one thing. To generate income for your survival. Don’t do anything that can jeopardize that until you can say duces. It is still your responsibility to be professional-trust your superiors are watching. So while you are figuring out your exit plan, keep your mind on your job from the time you walk in until you walk out.
3. Overall boredom. The best thing for this is to get from behind that desk. I’m lucky I live in NYC. If I want to step out for fresh air, I get an influx of inspiring sights and sounds. Let that inspire you to the next level of your creative journey. When out of work. Do what you love and what comes natural.
4. Never compare your journey to the next person. This is crucial in a creatives’ “breaking away” journey. How will you be able to show who you are if you are worried about what the next person did in what you think a short period of time. It is not a race, so please act accordingly.

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