FBNYC Recap: The 57th Annual Grammy’s 2015

So let’s get into it. There were Hits, Girl You Tried It, WTF, and Men’s Shout Out. So did you watch the awards show? Honestly, I flipped through because it was boring. But I did watch the red carpet arrivals I’m sure you saw my commentary on Instagram lol. These are a few looks that got my attention last night. Did I get it right? #leggo

Check out my Hits for the night. These chicas had me gagging

image image image image image image

No commentary needed. these ladies executed their looks flawlessly.  A huge round of applause to the stylists and designers.  Katy is in Zuhair Murado, Lady Gaga is in Brandon Maxwell, Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier, Nikki Minaj in Tom Ford, Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace.

Click Pic For larger Image

The Girl You Tried It

image image image image image

Le sigh. I really wanted to like these looks, but something was off. Zendaya Colman’s dress looked like it needed a good steam, and the wig/hair #nope. Charlie XCX, was another one I wish was styled correctly.  I am always here for a white suit moment, Bianca Jagger anyone? But this was all wrong. She looked unkept,  and the prom shoes really pissed me off. Kim girl, let me find you a good tailor since Sis West doesn’t seem to know one. Ciara this is not a quince. Too much fabric, and wrong shoe. Body looked great though.




It really hurt my heart to put faves on this list, but they missed the mark badly. Sia, I know who ever sat behind you was pissed the whole night.  Same for you RIRI.  I’m sure sitting down on the tulle cotton candy made her ten feet tall in her seat. And Madonna.  We don’t need to see your ass out.  We have seen it.

The Men’s Looks

image image image image image

Not a lot to see here. The men kept it classic, with modern twists with their looks last night.  What do you think guys would you rock any of these looks?

Again tell me what you think?


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