FBNYC Styling: New York Fashion Week 2015

imageHey me again ready to get into the swing of NYFW.  Damn that came quick.  Since I will be running around like a crazed person this week, I decided to share some looks that are easy, fashionable, and comfy so you can run from Lincoln Center to Milk Studios. For the longest time I did get all fancy when it came to getting dressed up, and that was fun. But now more established, I just want to look chic and put together. Check out my NYFW key pieces that you can easily mix and match throughout the week. Bonus!

I’m all about a white jumpsuit for winter. I like wide legged versions. You can layer with a grey or white turtle neck under, or throw on a huge sweater over it.  Wear it with metallic heels or white flat sneakers. Top it all with a statement jacket/coat.  I am obsessed with Acne’s Velocite oversized shearling.  And one day it will be mine.

I always love looking fun so this oversized sweater with a print of a tatted Cinderella will do the trick.  Still love tying things around my waist, these pants are great cause the flannel is attached. Woop! The shoes will be flat for day and then can change to a high metallic heel. Done and done.

Ok New York, let’s go!!! Stay tuned for all the fun things I’ll be getting into this week.


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