FBNYC INfluencer Black History Month: Shiona Turini

The series is not over yet. And we are going to keep introducing you to amazing INfluencers after the Black History Month Edition. Anyways, next up is the once Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan, Shiona Turini. I have been inspired by Shiona for some time now. Not only for her colorful style and her being the crop-top queen, but her work experience is crazy for someone so young. It seems Cosmo is not her last stop. Just last month she hinted on her Instagram that she will now be consulting for brands.

Born and raised in Bermuda, Turini hasn’t forgotten about her home turf. “Whatever I do, it’s important to me that mentor-ship initiatives play a big part; for the past few years I’ve connected aspiring local Bermudian designers with international fashion industry professionals as a way to inspire and advise emerging talent. I’ve felt it’s an important way to stay connected to my homeland and to help encourage local arts and commerce,” she told The Daily. Turini dropped a few more hints about her forthcoming work: “One project that I’m extremely excited about focuses on celebrating, encouraging, and profiling diversity in our industry. Let’s just say it’s something that a fellow magazine editor and I have been conjuring up for some time.” The Daily

Good Luck with everything Shiona, I will be seeing you tonight for your HFR panel, can’t wait!

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ShionaTuriniRFW_31-376x501 shiona-wed-night


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