FBNYC Recap: The Oscars: The 87th Academy Awards and the Vanity Fair Afterparty

Wow February has been one busy month.  We have Black History Month, Fashion Week, The All Star Game in New York, The Grammy’s and now closing out the month The Oscars.  Here are a few of my favorites and my not so favorite looks from Hollywood’s most anticipated awards.  Ok, let’s get into why don’t we

First and foremost Lupita Nyong’o killed the red carpet.  I literally screamed when she appeared on my TV screen.  The Beaded Calvin Klein dress complimented her skin perfectly.  I loved every minute of it


Next on the list of complete red carpet slayage  goes to no other than Jennifer Lopez.  I loved her Elie Saab Couture gown.  She gave me Grace Kelly and Jenny From The Block simultaneously. Tulle for everyone!!!


It’s MURDDDAAA #jarulevoice

Other honorable mentions

image image image

Scarlett  Johansson was like “Yeah, I just had a baby, but my body is snatched and you will deal. “

Zendaya Coleman’s faux dreads are making me take her seriously, which is a good thing.

Rita Ora looked like she has talent, in this custom Marchesa gown

More Honorables

image image image image

The Misses

I don’t know if their stylists hate them, or they just picked the first dress that came to them.. Either way, these were all misses in my book.

image image image image

Girls NO, NO, NO, and HELL NO

Pregnant Keira Knightly looked frumpy in this Valentino dress, Solange Knowles body is being overwhelmed by this Christian Siriano red frock. I commend that she is always rapping young designers, but she missed the mark with this look. Lady Gaga just got engaged to that fine ass man on Chicago Fire, so I’m sure she could care less what we think. Heffa fucking won. But her Lanvin gown, with the red gloves, oh I get it, maybe it’s to pay homage to her fiance’s role. I see you Gaga, I see you. Nicole Kidman’s Louis Vuitton dress confused the hell out of me. She was giving me early 2000 teas with the sequins. Then the red belt just threw me over the edge. Like why is that there?

The Guys

image image image

Now on let’s get to Vanity Fair’s  Afterparty Soirée

My two faves on the red carpet for the Oscars killed it yet again for Vanity Fair.  Check out the looks and some behind the scenes shots.

image image image image image image image image image imageimage

Thats all folks. Let me know if I was correct with my picks, did you watch, should anyone else be added?


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