FBNYC Travel: Dubai

For the past five years, Dubai has generated a lot of interest from celebrities to the normal people like you and me. With this jump in popularity other, um misconceptions have also been attached to this Middle East Vegas. Many stories of the escorting and the rich men may interest some, but I am all about seeing the world’s largest building. Let’s not forget the manmade islands, underwater hotels and buildings that spin, what the city of Dubai really knows how to create is headlines. This little fishing-village-that-could has built an entire tourist industry out of piquing people’s curiosity. Hey now, I give credit where credit is due. Their PR machine is on #fleek and has managed to overcome every downside (how often do you hear that Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq are right next door?) to make the city a must-see location.

That being said, Dubai is the next FBNY Travel spot. And yes, it is more expensive than my last post on Tulum, Mexico, but does Tulum have manmade islands? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Let me know if you would ever travel to Dubai and why. It is definitely on my bucket list.



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