FBNYC Recap: Danielle’s Ramblings of Paris Fashion Week

It’s over you guys! We survived yet another fashion month. Woop! With the closing of Paris fashion week, I wanted to just do a quick breakdown of my favorites for Fall/Winter shows. Yes, the Zoolander and Hansel appearance at Valentino is up there with the return of Jesus. No, not really but you get that was pretty epic. Then having their coats slug over the shoulders like a street style muse, while reminding us why “Blue Steel” is the best facial expression was the icing on my proverbial Parisian cake.
Alright, enough of that. Let’s get into this recap.

• Celine: Pheobe why do you do this to me? Every single time you kill it, murder it, bury it, then resurrect it again next season to do the whole process again. I am tired of you winning.
• Hermes: True story, back. In 2008 H&M sold genuine leather overalls. Yes, that H&M. I remember always going into the 7th avenue location after FIT classes and see them. They were priced at $100, not bad but I’m cheap. No one bought them, and they went down to $20. Till this day I kick myself for not buying them. Genuine leather oversized overalls for $20? Urgh, now that a memory is back and I need some time to cope.
• Givenchy: Babyhair has made it Paris. I wonder if Ampro gel and a toothbrush was used. Hmmm.
• Sacai: Taking outerwear to another level. I call this particular level CRACK
• Louis Vuitton: Can we just take a moment to revel in Nicholas Ghesquiere’s genius? Cause seriously that is the only reason why Louis Vuitton is on my list. #sorrynotsorry
• Chanel: Can I have frills, with a side of tweed, an order of leather, and a huge portion of cap toe shoes? Also Karl, 96 looks bruh? Really?
• Alexander McQueen: Victorian glamour with bed head.
• Saint Laurent: Mick Jagger in drag would be sexy no?
• Miu Miu : Margot Tenenbaum loves she can be an inspiration.

Let me know what was your favorite designers at Paris and throughout the month. As always follow for up to date news on the instagram feed. Till next time.

Photos: Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Sacai, Hermes, Celine


image image image image image image


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