Tumblr is the Devil, But I Keep Coming Back

Staying away from social media is almost impossible. There is always a hashtag, a name, or a company I need to find information on. And what about the meme created by someone on Twitter that went viral, the streetstyle outfit that inspired my look for work, or even a photo of food. Yes food, springs open my curiosity as to which restaurant the photo was taken and which filter was used. Oh, that was Valencia? Dully noted. But there is something about Tumblr, that has taken me to a whole other level of social media addiction.

I’m not too sure when it happened. Ok, I’m lying. Of course I know when it happened. Last summer I was researching white dresses for my design gig. Goggle, Instagram, and various blogs were not helping me. I jumped on Tumblr and searched “white flowy dresses”, expecting not to find what I needed. But boy was I wrong. The flood gates opened and I heard Angels sing as photo after photo appeared in a linear frenzy. I began to scroll down, then followed blog after another. This then introduced me to more blogs that the blogs I followed also followed. Not just fashion, but kittens, photos of money, photos of food, and memes that I still don’t know who would have the time to create. I was hooked!

After completing my search for “white flowy dresses”, I would log on Tumblr during my down time. I quickly followed over one hundred blogs, and the number doubled by the end of summer. If I couldn’t sleep at night, I jumped on Tumblr and spent hours looking at Russian street fashion and memes. “ Hi, my name is Danielle and I am addicted to Tumblr”.

Now, a full year later I still find myself on it, but I have deleted the one I created after looking for the dresses. I had to people, it was the only way to function! With #fashionblast I keep one active, but I only follow fifty people. A paltry number compared to the previous number of over two hundred blogs. Am I happier? Yes, but sometimes I do catch myself laying down in my bed at night wanting to grab my iPad and click that glowing blue app. But I don’t, for now.


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