FBNYC Artist Spotlight: Kehinde Wiley

As many know, there are a ton of perks when you live in New York.  I’m not one to brag, but we should get a lil bit of reciprocity for dealing with crowded streets, shoeboxes for homes, and the MTA.  Case in point, the numerous museums and galleries that provide a variety of exhibits that are available to us New Yorkers within  a matter of minutes by hoping the dreaded MTA. Urgh.  

Last Saturday I hoped the 2 train to go to Brooklyn Museaum’s First Saturday. Ohhhhhhh, never heard of it? Well, it’s when the museum is free all day on: ding, ding, ding the first Saturday of each month. Yes. ALL. DAY.  So if you have been wanting to see , let’s say that Basquiat exhibit, which is effing amazing by the way. You better get yourself over to Eastern Parkway before it’s over. But this article isn’t about Basquiat, it is about another amazing black painter that has me saving my coins so I can have one of his paintings hanging in my future foyer. 

Kehinde Wiley’s dynamic portrait paintings will literally have your mouth open in awe.  I’m not going to lie, this happened to me while walking through the gallery eyeing these massive pieces of art. We are talking wall to ceiling paintings that showcase African American men in women in classic poses reminiscent of Rynolds and Gainsbourough. And don’t get me started on the amount of details he brings to not only the subjects in the paintings, but the florals and patterns they are surrounded by. Wiley is able to create a fantasy world for the African- American subjects, by keeping them clothed in modern fashions then juxtaposing  them into the styles of Rocco and Renaissance paintings. Rather revolutionary if you ask me. 

If you are interested to seeing the many paintings now on display at the Brooklyn Museum, you have until May to check out what everyone is talking about. You will not regret it. 




( Photos taken by me)


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