FBNYC Retail Talk: The Savvier Shopper

Well we made it to that time of year that we, the savvy shopper, scour Gilt and Yoox for those amazing deals on those Casadei we have been eying since summer. Or maybe that Altuzzara blazer that will take all of your Holiday looks to astronomical heights. And yes, we plan on wearing it with EVERY outfit.

We wait-no scratch that- refuse to pay those prices. I mean we would love to, but we have other responsibilities like, um rent and wine.

But time to get serious here for just a minute. Consumers in general are getting smarter about spending their money. We are living in a post-recession people and we, the consumer, are not only holding on to our money longer but also spending it on big-ticket items that we either really want or need. We don’t need those Tom Fords, but hell we work hard and you only live once.

Retailers are now identifying this new wave of consumers, and strangely enough are catering to their needs. Queue Keanu Reeves infamous “Whoa”

“We started shopping online, driven by discounts,” says Martin Coedo Mestre, commerce strategy leader at IBM. As a result, the balance of power between company and consumer began to shift. Now, “people are in command,” Mulcahy says.

So ladies and gents get out there and get what your heart, and wallet desires. You’ve waited this long.

Speaking of waiting long. Follow me on Instagram @fashionblastnyc also join my journey of the creation of my line dbyrousseve on you guessed it @dbyrousseve on the gram


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