FBNYC Style: The Great Sleeve Debate

It’s been extremely weird here in New York. And no I’m not talking about  the city’s need to gentrify every neighborhood. That’s another discussion for another day. Today it’s about sleeves. Yes, you read that right.   The exaggerated long sleeve trend is growing, pun included.  Bear with me here-it’s Wednesday and I’m about to go to  a fitting, but I feel like this is something that needed to be addressed. Seen on damn near EVERY street style star this past fashion month, there seems to be an overwhelmingly need to wear  sleeves longer.

I mean this look is nothing new. It reminds me of when I was growing up in the nineties and I would see the older girls in their tight long sleeve- ribbed crop-tops they wore under baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls. Wishing I could wear the look, but alas I was nine and my parents weren’t having that.

Back to Phoebe cause that’s what I do. The Fall 2015 Celine collection is filled with this nostalgic silhouette but of course mixing tight ribbed fabrics, wool, cut-out noveltys and even fur. My other new favorite line that seems to understand the importance of an extra-long sleeve is Vetements. I mean eventually it will snow here in NY, and we are going to need their over-sized shearling jacket o keep us warm. Function and fashion is what’s hot in the streets ladies.

more over-sized inspo below:




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