FBNYC Personal: To The Fancy Tomboys

Don’t worry, I feel your pain wholeheartedly. This has been a first world  struggle for me for some time now. Being a tomboy in my earlier years and being into sports gave me a predilection of wanting comfort in everything I wore.

Then like a bolt of, can I say fashion light, I discovered vintage photos of Diana Ross, Cher, and Grace Jones. Not to mention my own momma dressed her ass off as well. hmmm

The style evolution of Danielle, has been a rather interesting one filled with Nikes, Baby-Phat and over-sized FUBU tops (shudders). But as I said there was always some element of that tomboy je ne sais quoi that I grew to love. Remembering those days when I rode my bike in the dirt with the nieghboorhood boys or played basketball in Jordan’s, a part of me did not want to let go of that feeling of being dare I say it: a kid.

As much as we drool over the looks some of our favorite celebs or even fashion editors wear, I’m here to tell you they don’t dress like that daily. Trust me I’ve caught a few of them on Bleeker Street in all their “normalcy” glory.

Hell, we live in New York! We are on the train, in a cab or catching an Uber all up and down this island. Can you really step out an in all -white Stella McCartney outfit like a boss after all that? Well, maybe Rihanna, but us regular folks can only dream.

Being a fashion designer I automatically love beautiful things. It is what it is. But this designer that lives in “the real world”  has to get up and take a 45 min train ride to the office. Bah Humbug. The last thing I’m thinking about is throwing on my Giuseppes unfortunately.  The five pairs of Vans or Acne Studios sneakers will have to suffice thank you very much.

In closing I have dubbed myself the “Fancy Tomboy”. I am the girl who loves a good Casadei pump and Stan Smith equally. The girl who loves a vintage slip dress that hugs my curves beautifully, but will wear it with a beat-up moto jacket. This is me, and that’s okay.

Now look below of looks from my Fancy Tomboy of the moment Gilda Ambrosio *inserts happy face emoji here:




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