FBNYC Personal: I’m A Frugalist

Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m a fashion “frugalist.” I just made up that word, but hell that’s what I am. I love beautiful things, albeit expensive beautiful things that I  unfortunately cannot, ahem, will not pay the retail price for.

I will honestly admit I am a “fruglaist”, when it comes to clothes and shoes. Working in the fashion industry has  opened my eyes to how things are priced (2oo-300% markup people), so I tend to hold on to my money when I see things I know I can get a lot cheaper.

Cheaper? Urgh I hate that word. Let’s say “find, scour, research price until it is what I am willing to pay price”. Ahh, yes that’s better. The hunt for that special item I am dreaming about is ALOT more satisfying to me then dropping the doe full price at  Bergdorf’s. I hate Bergdorf’s by the way.

And since Barney’s Warehouse (RIP), is no longer with us, my expensive jaunts have been few and far  between. So what do I do when I am ready to reward myself for just being able to pay all my bills on time and want that Celine jacket I have been eying for literally years?

Ebay, TheRealReal, Consignment shops, Vintage shops, and sample sales.

Now go my fellow Frugalists and shop without hurting your savings account!


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