Star Wars

I wonder if looking at me you would guess that I am a huge Star Wars fan. I am not into Harry Potter, Twighlight, or Lord of the Rings.  But honey, when it comes to Luke, Leia, and Han I’m all in.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the prequels, but hey I still love this franchise. The designer in me always appreciated Leia’s minimal white dress-caftan thing she wore with her  signature cini-buns. Oh, and let’s not forget the bra and low slung wrap outfit she wore in Jaba the Hut’s lair. 

Well the saga continued when I went to see the latest installment, Star Wars Awakens,  with family on Christmas. Many families in New York seemed to have the same idea. The lines were ridiculous with fans.  Ages ranging from babies to sixty plus.  It was not a game in these streets people.

 We opted to see the regular screening without the 3D  because my aunt, in her words, ” I don’t need things flying out at me”.  I wanted to reinact that famous Clueless line about “balls flying past my nose”, but decided not to cause she wouldn’t get it. 

Without giving anything away, the movie gave my inner kid everything and more. With a great cast of newcomers to The Force: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Lupita Nyongo and Adam Driver DID NOT disappoint. And of course familiar faces: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill made appearances reprising their iconic roles. When they appeared on screen forty years later, the theater stood up and applauded.  It was great. 

Star Wars will always tug my proverbial heart strings because for two hours I get to disappear into Lucas’s fantasy world of Stormtroopers and Jedis; remembering that time of childhood innocence and freedom to dream freely. Oh, and I’m seeing it again this weekend in 3D. 



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