Bridging the Fashion Gap with Instagram?

Ok, it’s official we have one more day until that beautiful day I call Friday, rolls around the corner. We made it through the first workweek of 2016 slightly unfazed. To celebrate I suggest you  do the Nae Nae-or are we still Dabbing in 2016? Right at your cubical or office right now. Fine you don’t have too, but promise me you will once you are in the confines of your home or Uber, you deserve it.

Now on to business, or should I say Instagram. Cause as you know with over 300 million hits a day Instagram is very much a business for those who use it to their advantage. Yes posting your lunches are cool and all. Hell I just liked five photos, then got hungry, then went out to get some food. Now I’m sleepy. Damn you Instagram!

In all seriousness to those who have a business, let’s focus on fashion, are really taking the app to new heights. Did you know there are a handful of editors and buyers that search through Instagram to see what the consumers are liking and buying? I know, we are the future of commerce! This is the perfect time to showcase your brand to your followers curated by you, for the low low fee of FREE.

So this weekend if you have a brand post it, get likes, and build your brand that way. Social media isn’t going anywhere soon, so take advantage before others jump on the bandwagon.




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