FBNYC Personal: Inspired by being Uninspired

I want to start off by saying it is finally Spring here in NYC. Spring in the Rotten Apple still means cool weather, but hey it’s better than having snow on he ground. Am I right?

Weather aside, I’m sure you have noticed that I have not been writing or posting as much in the past weeks. Why? Because I am uninspired. I’m telling you, creative ruts get the best of us when we least expect it. One day you are gun-ho about an idea, then the next you are over it. What happened?  Was it stress from work? Family? Other obligations you have to do before you attack your personal projects? I’ll take all of the above for $400 Alex Our excuses are endless, when there are challenges in our way, and to overcome this drought of uninspiring  melee, here are a few tips to jump start your creative juices again.

  1. Get out of your house! Yes, get out! Broad City will still be on Netflix when you come back from getting fresh air. Living in NYC there is always things to do and places to try. And oh shit, sometimes for free.
  2. Write it Down: Writing goals on paper makes things more tangible and puts your goal in perspective. I just got a great journal from Moleskin. It’s chic and gets me in the mood to write down goals
  3. Plan: Urgh, this is speaking from a person who hates planning, but see #2 again and get to cracking
  4. Meditate: It works! 20 mins before you get up.Think of what you would like to accomplish for the day.
  5. Exercise: You can merge this with #1. Once the sun is shinning down on you in all it’s glory  you can get some cardio and Vitamin D in simultaneously. Thus circulating blood flow to the the brain to help you with focusing. Win win, if you ask me.
  6. Stay Positive: Good vibes only

Being uninspired sucks, but who says you have to stay that way?


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