FBNYC Style: The Endearing Tale of the White Sneaker

I am always randomly thinking of things to write and design. Jolts of inspiration normally form on the train to work or walking the streets of NYC. Today, I landed on writing about shoes. Yay you. I have been seeing a lot of white sneakers on every one lately. Now don’t get me wrong, white sneakers never go out of style, but with the resurgence of what I call “that nineties swag that I lived”, I’m seeing more of this colorless sneaker of the feet of fashionistas from Uptown to Downtown donning classic Shelltoes to Raf Simons.

I for one love the trend especially once the weather decides to act right, hello 70 plus degree weather finally, and you can pair it with just about any and everything in your wardrobe. Today I am wearing a pair of slip-ons that I found at H&M that are reminiscent of the Celine “twisted” leather offerings from Fall 2015 collection, and already gotten so many compliments.

Are you feeling the white sneaker trend?

Acne Studios/ Raf Simons / Alexander McQueen / Stan Smiths / H&M 



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