FBNYC Fitness : Workout, but Not Really. No, Really….

Now keep in mind that I’m an artist, not a fitness guru. My fitness level may be different from yours and I recommend that you consult a professional before doing any sort of strenuous exercise. 

K, now that’s out of the way.  I have been working out religiously since 2013. Now I have always been a rather active human being. I played sports all throughout my youth, so it wasn’t too hard to start back up again.  What was hard was finding an exercise that I really, really, really liked.  You know, an exercise that didn’t feel like I was working out.  I have a gym membership, and when I started I was going at least five times a week. Once I hit a goal I started pulling back to three days a week.  

I admit, I  was getting bored of just going to the gym. I rediscovered Kickboxing, but again it was beginning to feel like I would rather stay in my bed Saturday mornings then go to the class that is across the street from my current gym.   Urgh. Within a month  I was back at the gym. Treadmill 45 minutes, weights 30 mins, core exercises.  Then repeat.  The whole experience was turning into a routine that I began to dread, so of course I plateaued at the weight I was at. 

Then one day at the office one of the designers went on and on about a spin class he just discovered. My eyebrow raised intrigued behind my computer screen.  ” Do tell me more”. The following Saturday morning I was at Soulcycle, and kids it changed my life and body.  I had found a workout that didn’t feel like a workout. Ok, let me rephrase that, cause if you have ever taken a Soul cycle spin class you know you are working out.. You feel it all throughout your body after the 1 hour 30min sessions, and on the train heading back home.  Oh, the sweet glorious pain. 

This is not a post to shout-out Soulcycle, even though you guys are awesome.  It is about continuing to figure out what you like, and importantly what you body likes to get into your desired physical level.  I think us normal people who have lives, a career and family always seem to put fitness on the back burner cause we feel like it will be another “task”. But know that is not the case, I believe everyone can be their own #bodygoals with patience and trial and error. That’s the fun of it all. 

Options? Fave spots to workout? Follow me on Instgram or post here.  #forCreativesOnly


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