FBNYC INfluencer: Kidada Jones

There once was a time when style was not something that one could obtain at the click of an app or the scroll of a timeline. And I know some of you feel the term ” carefree black kids” was dubbed up by the current youth. Again sadly mistaken.  Those baggy jeans, bare midriffs, logo clad bras, fresh sneakers, and acrylic nails have all been done before and might I add better. Many look to nineties faves Babygirl (Aaliyah Haughton) and TLC for that “around the way girl look” that seems the go-to for many social media ingenues now a days. But there is always one that is never mentioned. Her name Kidada Jones. 

What? Who? Well, let me educate you on Kidada. She is the daughter of Quincy Jones, older sister to Rashida Jones, once was Tupac’s girlfriend, and Aaliyah’s best friend. If Tumblr was around during the late nineties, bet she was the one you would be reblogging. Not only was her style influential ( um Tommy Hillfiger featured her in many of his iconic Ads in the late nineties), she radiated the idea that being a black girl meant you did not have to dress or behave as many believed we should. Many may not reference her, but those who remembered her style back then definately appreciated her. And still do.  Let’s walk down memory lane shall we….




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