FBNYC Travel : It’s Easier Than You Think

Once upon a time there used to be this myth that you had to be quote on quote rich to travel out of the country. Well friends I am here to break that myth if you will. Yes, traveling has been somewhat of a headache post 9/11 and now that person is the President of this great county I think we should all take advantage of what the world  has to offer. 

So far this year I plan on Tulum and Cuba and guess what it didn’t cost a arm and leg for plane  
 tickets of a place to stay. Here are a few tips and tricks that. I learned when traveling abroad, so all you will need is your passport and be prepared for the memories. 

1. Search early. If you know you want to visit let’s say Lagos in June start looking for tickets in January. Most airlines may have package deals so look out for those deals as well. 

2. When to book. If you are pro traveler, like myself you know the best time to fly out is Wednesday. These tickets are normally the cheapest. Also most sites Expedia, Kayak, and Google Flights lets you track prices if you aren’t quite ready to purchase. My research shows price drops Thursday mornings. 

3. Where to stay. Air bnb is a great and inexpensive option than hotels. But if you are dead set on a hotel try calling the hotels direct, then using booking sites which are third party companies.  Actually that’s how I got a great deal on an all-inclusive hotel in Tulum. I called to ask a question about our room, and the concierge set us up with a better room at a cheaper price, which means more money for souvenirs!

4. Be open. Wherever you decide to travel outside of the country keep an open mind to the experience. If you are traveling to places like Dubai that is very strict about dress code if you are a woman, get in contact with the U.S. Embassy on what guidelines to follow when visiting. 

5. Have Fun
Hope these tips helped. Remember to follow me on the gram @fashionblastnyc with more fashion, news, and celebrity content at your fingertips. 


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