FBNYC Personal: The Systematic Failure of Philando Castile

As I stated in my last post, I wanted to touch on other content other than fashion based. Well, this is the first post where I do just that. I’m sure many of you have at least heard the name Philando Castile in the past year-if you haven’t let me educate you.

Philando was a black man who was pulled over by a cop for a broken taillight violation. As time progressed, Philando’s girlfriend pulled out her cellphone to tape the officer question then fatally shoot Philando in real-time on a Facebook livestream. Even though he was cooperative, the cop still took this man’s life in front of his girlfriend and young daughter. On Friday the cop who killed this young man in cold blood was set free. This again brings up what seems to be the never-ending debate of “Why don’t black lives matter in America?”

There has seemed to have been a divide amongst Black Americans and whites since we were bought here in shackles. Unfortunately, many still believe we deserve to stay that way, and disregard the fact that blacks deserve human rights like everyone else in America.

I am disgusted by how the justice system continues to let murders hiding behind a badge free, and leaving black families broken in their wake. To my readers, whether you are Black, White, Asian, Muslim, you are a human. You are able to speak up when you see your fellow human being mistreated because of the color of their skin.

The killers of Philando, Trayvon, and Sandra are free and able to walk this world unfazed by their actions. Enough is enough!


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