FBNYC Fashion News: Out With the Old in With the Enniful

So, I am sure you have heard by now the appointment of the new Editor in Chief of British Vogue is now Edward Enniful. Even if you don’t follow fashion like that (with the exception of fashionblastnyc right?), this announcement was celebrated all over social media. Even the great Rihanna shouted him out on her own account. The innovated and talented stylist is ready for his new position at British Vogue, and we even more excited to see more diversity in fashion publications.

Enniful has held top rank at Italian Vogue and most recently W Magazine. He started his foray into fashion at the tender age of 16 as a model. At 18 he became the fashion director at I-D magazine. With such an amazing resume and accomplishments under his belt, what does this exactly mean when he officially takes the helm August 1 of this year?

Well, as we all have figured, written publication unfortunately is taking a back seat to gasp the internet. You can now get a front row seat to the most exclusive fashion shows online. Now streamed or seen through the iPhone camera lens of your favorite fashion editor of the moment. Everything is instantaneous now, which means by the tie fashion, news, etc reaches print its already dated.

Enniful’s new role came just in time for the dated and advertisement driven publication. He is aware that social media is a power tool for the fashion industry, and intends on implementing that power to his advantage once August rolls around. Of course with a new Editor and Chief there has been drama behind the scenes.

Lucida Chambers, the once Editor in Chief, has been rather vocal about her departure of the Conde Nast publication she has been with for the past 36 years.

“I don’t want to be the person who puts on a brave face and tells everyone, ‘Oh, I decided to leave the company,’ when everyone knows you were really fired. There’s too much smoke and mirrors in the industry as it is.”Chambers expresses about her blatant fire. She is not the only one getting the axe either. Enniful is letting go of a lot of employees to make room for his own team.

In any case I am interested to see what Enniful will bring to the magazine, I am certain it will be more than amazing.


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