FBNYC Personal : Mask Off Series Part 1: Roadblocks? Fuck ‘Em

This is history here folks. I have debated and debunked the idea of really getting personal on this here site, but shit happens. You know that thing called life. And no matter how much “you follow the directions” of it, there will always be the proverbial roadblocks from preventing you to your full potential. Have I lost you yet?


This is ok.

You either find another road or drive through that bitch!

From the outside looking in I look pretty stable (ha!).  In a field I have always to be in since nine years old, the city I always wanted to wake up to and a great group of friends and family. So, everything should be right, right? I don’t know.

But this series will help me unpack, and hopefully you as well, the dalliances of this shit we call life. How to grow, how to be better versions of ourselves, how to see that life is full of highs and lows. And again that is ok. That is just fine.

Join me on this journey where I reflect and share my personal experiences and stories from depression (still there) to breakthroughs. Note I am not a therapist or life coach by any means, but this is series idea has been plaguing me for the longest time. And as a black woman I felt it was my obligation to share what I have learned and still learning how to navigate in a creative career, love, and relationships for other women of color.

Hope you’re ready to remove the mask.



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