FBNYC Retail: How to Shop Smarter in 2017

As many of you have come to realize I love a bargain when it comes to just about anything. From food (okay, maybe not food), furniture, and clothing I am always on the hunt for the best way to spend my money. Let’s face it New Yorkers the “rent’s too damn high!” Even if it wasn’t I enjoy saving money and spending it on things like expensive vacations and my future home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Shut Up! A girl can dream.

I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. Been perfecting the art of “stretching out a dollar” since childhood, shout out to my mom for introducing me to Consignment shopping early in life. You the real MVP.  Also working in fashion and seeing first hand the markup for some of your favorite designers and fast fashion brands, I tend to hold on to my money when it comes to smaller fashion purchases. I am all about indulging once in a while, but full price? Nah son.

I am here to help and steer you in the right direction, or website, to keep you from overspending. Especially when you don’t need to.

Now come closer to the computer with your ear pressed to the screen. Not talking until you do, don’t worry about your coworkers judging you. They already do. You here yet? Perfect let’s begin. These are my top 3 tips on how to shop better in 2017. .

Tip 1: Be patient:


Urgh I know that is the most cliche advice when it comes to searching for a bargain, but ladies and gents it’s so true.

I have come rather skilled in being patient for huge sale markdowns throughout the seasons and scour websites like, TheRealreal, eBay, and Amazon. You will find what you’re looking for, for half retail price. Facts!

Tip 2: Shop IRL (In real Life): 

You’re like whattt?!! I thought you were so adamant on internet shopping? Now, listen you will be able to find great deals online, but brick and molder stores are still offering great prices as well. Let’s not count them out just yet. For this to work though you have to implement tip 1 (patience). I go in and out of stores for weeks and talk to sales people about when sales/ clearances hit. Take that chance and keep that money in your pocket, the bank, and make new friends in retail.

Tip 3: Friends (How many of us have them?):


Ok, this might not work if you don’t have friends all up and through the fashion/ retail industry who will give you when sales or holy grail sample sales hit. You can even shop before the public, like I did to the now deceased Barney’s Warehouse sale. But if you are a part of this minority, utilize your friends people!

These are my tp 3 tips, nothing to fancy or out there any novice shopper could do it. I encourage you to think about these tips when shopping for just about anything before you decide to pay full price. You, still have that future Fort Greene brownstone to think about ya know?

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“It’s a lifestyle albeit messy, but we surviving.”


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