FBNYC News: Herpes, Lies, and Days Inn 

The blogosphere of celebrity news has been set ablaze (pun intended) about one of music’s greatest heartthrobs infecting unsuspecting partners with herpes!! Now, I am not the type to go around calling one of my first crushes guilty, but once court documents leaked from 2012 of Usher Raymond infecting his then wife’s friend and giving her a one million dollar payout because of the claims, you have to stop and pause. Is Usher really out here with not only an incurable STD, but infecting his partners knowing his status?


An influx of conversations about discussing STD status and use of condoms (even though you can still contract the HSV-2 virus with them) with your sexual partners started all over the inter webs. The majority sided with the victims of Usher’s irresponsible decision to spread an incurable disease that he allegedly has.

This is where things get interesting.

Just this week a woman by the name of Quantaisia Sharpton of Brooklyn, New York was introduced to the public via live press conference as being one of the three victims that believe they have contracted the herpes virus from Usher. Being flanked by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, the twenty one single mother of three, spoke about her meeting the R&B crooner three years ago at a concert, which ended with them having unprotected sex at a hotel in Atlanta. Now here’s what has really had myself and others watching scratching their head in confusion when Quantasia stated she did not catch the herpes virus, but she is suing Usher for not disclosing his status that could have led her to contracting it. That’s right folks this accuser has tested negative.

Breathe and stop, for real that’s all you got?

Many speculated her claims due to her weight and the holes in her story of how she met Usher during one of his concerts back in 2014. Now, I was honestly one of the people who did see her outer appearance and shocked by her allegations. Not only is this accuser overweight, she is young. And from what the public has perceived about Usher’s love interests are  one: slim to fit and two: much older women. In other words not “his type”. Usher even came out with an official statement stating he brings up a gamut of his fans to the stage so they can have an “ego booster”.  Whew that read Usher.

By public opinion this woman’s claims were dismissed before the press conference was over. The woman has been labeled as a liar, manipulator, an opportunist and mentally ill. So why would she do this? Why would she put herself in such a myopic situation where millions of people are chastising her all over the internet and the media? Was it worth it?

People have done crazier things to become famous or infamous and I don’t believe Quantasia is any different from the latter.  Her claims are far-fetched from the perspective of a person viewing this train wreck from the outside looking in. We don’t know Usher personally, his triggers or what he finds sexually attractive. I have learned a long time ago a man will state his presence loud in proud in public, but when the doors are closed and the lights are off it’s a whole other story. And of course there’s that tried and true old adage : “Pussy has no face.”

As the story marched on so did the media in trying to find solid proof of this woman’s allegations. By Friday TMZ got a hold of the alleged proof in the form of a witness that was an employee of the, wait for it, Atlantic City Days Inn where the exposure of herpes went down. This new information is causing more chatter and now making the singer look like a liar. Maybe Laura Bloom has some validity in Sharpton and this lawsuit after all.

True or not should a person who is aware of their positive STD status share that with their casual partners? Should the casual encounters just be aware that they will be sharing fluids with a complete stranger so it is really their responsibility to stay safe? I think both. Protect yourself. Sharpton is one of the three accusers who did not take their own health into their hands. I am not dismissing the trifling and insensitive singer. I hold him more accountable for knowing his status and not sharing it with the women and, ahem, male accuser.

I am interested in seeing what will happen to Quantasia, Usher and the other accusers at the end of #herpesgate. This story has opened the floodgates to the hush -hush dalliances of our favorite celebrities. Living a dishonest lifestyle while affecting others in the process is not cool but  too real. Shit is real out here bruh, the rose glasses are off.

“It’s a lifestyle albeit messy, but we surviving.”


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