FBNYC Style: Afropunk 2017

This past weekend many including myself trekked to Brooklyn Commodore John Barry Park for music, style, and above all black unity. It’s crazy to see how much this festival has evolved from that Brooklyn parking lot ten plus years ago. Anyways, look below at some of the shots I got of the festivities. Being Black […]

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FBNYC Personal: Being Insecure

If you follow me on Instagram you should be aware of my utter love and sometimes disdain for the HBO hit series Insecure. Written, directed, and imagined by Issa Rae who was also the creator of the popualar Youtube series Awkward Black Girl. Set in sunny Los Angeles as the backdrop this dram-comedy follows Issa and […]

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FBNYC Influencer: Amanda Seales

Maybe you have heard of the name Amanda Seales for the past few months after her amazingly articulate conversations with a very misinformed Caitlyn Jenner at Katy Perry’s diner live stream. Informative and never afraid to hold back on her commentary on the treatment of black people in America, Amanda is the real thing. I […]

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